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✔ Trupgerg©Аrt
✔ Trupgerg©Аrt
✔ Trupgerg©Аrt
✔ Trupgerg©Аrt

T  r  u  p  g  e  r  g   K  h  e  n  a  r  o

a    r    t              s    t    u    d    i    o               i    n               Z   -   c    i    t    y

Henaro Trupgerg  | was born and grew up in the ecoprotected area - city Zarechniy, sverdlovskaya oblast, in the family of engeneer(father) and economist(mother). Henaro is an abstract painter, that percepts the world differently.

He doesnt copy, but makes a dialogue -striving to show its spiritual reality which lays beyond what we can sense. For Henaro the deep level of interaction is a constant source of motivation for further philosophical/aesthetic search. 

Abstract art explores the mistery of human life and consciousness/its capacities. And Henaro builds up his compositions out lines, color spots, intuitive forms and shapes. His paintings currently belong to a number of private collections in Russia, Ukraine, USA, Israel and Armenia. Germany, Italy

"...stare into the abyss long enough, the abyss stares back."  F. Nietzsche

Tel: +7 (965) 510 7201 I  trupgerg@ya.ru

© 2016   Trupgerg🎨Аrt

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